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The first time I used this non-toxic essential oil bug spray that I made, was just for creepy crawlies last May, 2011.  

I was not even thinking to use it for Stink Bugs since they are so ‘retardant’ to just about everything.  But, after a week or two of spritzing around the kitchen with this mix, I realized there were hardly any stink bugs.  Before spraying this mix, they were growing in numbers daily.

So, every time I’d see another Stinker, I’d remove it to the outside, and spritz around again.I didn’t have any Stink Bugs all summer, and this fall, typically a terrible time for them, and when everyone was once again complaining about tons of Stink Bugs, I barely had any!  Except in my horse’s feed shed.  When Yup, you guessed it, in that distinctly stink bug manner, all of a sudden, one warm day in October, about 50 appeared!

Want the rest of the story?  Here is what happened, and the recipe I used–

click here for additional info and recipe


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