People train dogs, horses, even cats.  But is it truly possible to change behavior, and change their mind?  “Change Your Mind, Change Your Animal” says Mandy Pretty, Tellington TTouch Instructor.

We convey important intentions through our own thoughts.  Something said in jest, or spoken from habit automatically counts even when you are speaking without thinking much about what you are saying or describing.

Perhaps you’ve used a label to describe behavior for one of your animals?  “She is an instigator.” “He’s naughty.” “She is pig headed.”  “He is dominant.”

How we think of that animal comes from the label used.  This word, or phrase becomes the picture held in your mind when talking about them.

Behavior is seen through the descriptive lens of this particular behavior as permanent and static. This description is seen as directly linked between a particular behavior believing this behavior is their core personality.  Is this fair?  Is this the deeper truth about your animal?

Let’s say you label your best friend’s overall personality as ‘hot headed’ based on the context of their reaction to rush hour traffic. Or, you describe their self-control around chocolate after a particularly stressful day.  Is it fair to say this is who they are as a person?

Behavior is note the same as core personality.

Changing the words you use to describe your animals can profoundly influence the way you see them.  Changing your the way you think, by changing the words you use, changes the messages you give your mind.  This influences how YOU react to THEIR behaviors. This allows you to diffuse and redirect it, and for YOU to behave differently.

Linda Tellington-Jones, “I see Your Perfection.”

Linda Tellington-Jones, founder of Tellington TTouch,
sees “the perfection” in every being she meets whether a person or an animal of any species.  Her deep committment and knowing in this has an amazing impact on her success with her profoundly positive influences with behavior.

Linda’s ability, and willingness, to see the best in everyone has certainly influenced me over the last decades in my working with her.

Approaching your animal and their habitual behavior by changing your habitual thoughts about them gives you the space, and ability to act rather then react.  This creates an optimal environment for change, and success.

The more you open, become willing, listen deeply through all of you, the animals will always show you “The Way.”  Let their ‘bad’ behavior inspire you to turn things around inside your own mind, to be an even more positive influence in your life, with them, and in the world.  The ripple effect of your thoughts can have a far reach.

Change Your Mind, Change Behavior, Change Your Animal, Change Your World.

Thank you, please share the love, and feel  free to pass this along.
I appreciate your referrals.

May the Infinite Love you know through
your animals be your guiding light,







About Sandy:

Sandy Rakowitz is a powerful catalyst for women to step into their own brilliance so they can successfully build and live the life and businesses of their dreams….with the animals they love.


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leaf dividereAbout Sandy:

SR Pic heartSandy Rakowitz guides and trains animal lovers and animal care professionals to communicate with animals and learn holistic practices.  Sandy specializes in Jitter Busters For Pets, Living Your Best Life with Your Animals, Sacred Soul Readings, Business Building for Healing Arts & Wellness Professionals, and assisting people to Live their Purpose in connection with their animals.

She helps people access and develop their natural intuitive and psychic abilities and deep inner wisdom, while awakening their life purpose, with the animals they love.

Sandy trains Animal Lovers and Animal Care Professionals to move to the forefront of the Animal Communication and Holistic Healing Movement.


Live_dreasTo what extent do you…

…Trust Yourself, Trust Your Instincts, Your Intuition, Trust Your Senses…

…Follow Your Dreams?

What do YOU do when you hear an internal calling? Some call it an intuitive sense, or a desire.

I call it the Soul’s yearning for growth. An internal knock on the door, or a sense of being drawn towards something. Or, it might be experienced as a day-dreaming of something you desire.

I’ve had this sense, call, desire for many years about… moving out to California. I’ve dreamed about it, and yearned to move.

SLO_CA_MapAnd so, after many years of dreaming, yearning, and planning, I have decided to move from Virginia to the Central Coast of California.

Specifically to the San Luis Obispo area

– midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco….

…just south of Big Sur

…about 10 minutes from the ocean, and – in the foothills.

I’m no stranger to making right hand turns in life in order to follow those internal yearnings… and this sure is a BIG one!

And this internal sense has been brewing for many, many years. In fact, moving my business online has been part of the long range plan to help me be able to move – So that I have a more mobile business!

With each trip I’ve taken to California, the call has gotten stronger. With each arrival back home to Virginia over the last years, the sense that this is no longer where I need to be has become stronger.

I love my life here, my friends, my family, my clients, my work here, the Blue Ridge foothills and beauty of Virginia.

However, something in California is calling me, and I choose to answer the call, and take action. It’s time for me to move where I physically live.

I know you will have questions, so here’s the scoop:

  • When: We’re planning to move to California this summer, in late July or early August, 2016. We’re working on the very many details and will keep you informed as I go along and things fall into place.
  • The Horses, Yes, both Ibis and Zoey, are coming! We’ve been in conversation about this move for quite a few years. They are on board!
  • Horse Transport: How will the horses get there? We are hiring a professional who transports horses across the country. We are working on the details. (If you have experience moving horses cross country or know of an excellent transporter, just reply to this email with details.)
  • The cats: Yes, both cats, Magic and Cassia are coming! We’ve been in conversation… Cassia is all on board… Magic is coming around… We are continuing the conversations!
  • Cat Transport: How? We’re working on those details.
  • Do I know people in California? Yes. I know people right in the Central Coast area, and I have friends, colleagues, and family throughout California.
  • My business: Yes, I will continue to offer you Transformational Breakthroughs in Your Relationships with Money, Spirit, Self, Your Business, Health for you and your animals, Nurturing Self Care. I will be continuing to work with clients via private 1:1 coaching, and groups.Both in person, online, and of course through Jitter Busters for Pets, Animal Communication, Energy Healing, and Pet Hospice self-study programs. www.OneHeartHealingCenter.com
  • Am I seeing clients right now? Yes, I am currently working with clients, booking appointments, and will continue into the summer, and then after I move.

    Want a Breakthrough in some area of your life, with my help? Just reply to this email and ask to set up a time to talk and we can get you started.

  • What work will I offer after we move? I will continue with Transformational Breakthroughs via private 1:1 coaching, groups in person, online, and of course the self-study groups…. NEW healing retreats, and who knows what else!
  • WHAT ElSE is HAPPENING NOW? I have some exciting new groups, webinars, and special packages online – and IN PERSON coming up very soon… Sign Up for Updates to make sure you don’t miss a thing! Just go now to www.OneHeartHealingCenter.com get your free Meditate with Your Animals Audio, and you will automatically also get my updates so you stay fully informed of all the wonderful upcoming offerings.
  • A Special Note For those clients who’ve come to me in person over the years:

    I love you and appreciate you.

    I am honored to have witnessed your growth for so very long.

    I have learned and grown so much with you.

    I have loved meeting you and all your lovely animals in person.I am moving in order to continue to follow my heart’s desire, to listen to the calling I am hearing to move to California.

    I hear the call, and I choose to take action now.

    I am sorry that this also means saying goodbye to living here, nearby, and seeing you in person in Virginia.

    I appreciate our time together.

    And, I look forward to continuing our connections via phone, Skype, online…

    …and of course, through our hearts.

    And, in addition to 1:1 privates and coaching groups, I will be offering in person retreats and groups in our new home, near the healing waters of the Pacific Ocean and with all that the Central Coast California energies offer.

Ibis, Zoey and Friend Mike pictured at Joyce Harman's last week.

Ibis, Zoey and Friend Mike pictured at Joyce Harman’s last week.

You are all welcome to visit us for sessions and continued breakthroughs and transformational work once we are in California

Moving Preparations

In preparation for moving the horses 3,000 miles cross country, I took the horses on a short trailer ride to see Dr. Joyce Harman.

Our friend, and the person who trims the horse’s feet, Mike Gaulding, was so kind to trailer us to see Joyce.

We are so fortunate that Joyce lives only 1.5 hrs away. I began consulting with Joyce in 1991 when Ibis and I still lived in Vermont. She’s been a major contributor to his well-being since 1991. Joyce’s amazingness and all she offers: http://harmanyequine.com

The horses have 3 holistic vets who take excellent care of the horses

– Dr. Janice Raab who does awesome acupuncture

– Dr. Tabby Moore who keeps their spines fit with chiropractic…

…and both offer so much knowledge along with their loving care and concern. Both Janice and Tabby were here to help pull Ibis out of his sudden and still undiagnosed ‘bump-in-the-road’ illness last fall.

Had it not been for their immediate and excellent care, well, let’s just say, they were a huge, integral part of his being so sparkly right now!

On occasion we travel up to see Joyce, who does Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and is a nutritional and overall wiz. She is the super intuitive, understands what the animals say and need and is truly a Holistic Vet in the fullest sense of the term.

Last week at our visit to her farm, Joyce described Ibis as ‘Sparkling’ and ‘Bionic,’ with his overall condition being excellent, and his coat so soft.

Joyce pictured above, doing a stretch with Ibis.

Joyce pictured above, doing a stretch with Ibis.

She kept exclaiming on his great condition… as he enters his 34th year next month, and especially after his ‘hiccup’ – bump in the road, sudden illness last fall.

When I lamented to Joyce that I was no longer able to do his nearly daily leg stretches as I had

done for close to 25 yrs along with picking out his feet, she responded that all those years of doing TTouch leg exercises were most likely part of the reason he is still doing so very well even though he is a thoroughbred about to turn 34!

This was a WONDERFUL reflection and reminder for me of the extent of the longstanding power of TTouch. (Joyce has been on the TTouch Board of Veterinarians and is completely familiar with TTouch and it’s many benefits.)

We discussed our all moving out west. And Joyce agreed, Ibis is totally looking forward to the adventure.

I know Ibis has many, many fans in the One Heart Tribe, and for my own heart and for your concerns,

I am excited to let you know that she felt no hesitance in giving him a thumbs up for his traveling cross country!

Joyce even gave me the thumbs up for getting back on board to ride Ibis!!!! It’s been 3-4 years since I retired him from riding, and this was icing on the cake and an exciting and unexpected surprise to hear! (What?!!!!???!!! WOoHoo! I’ll keep you updated!)

Zoey has been taking a bit longer to adjust to the idea of the move. However, now that we have taken a short trip, and all worked out so well, she is coming around and feeling more at ease.

Zoey appreciated that Ibis was traveling right beside her in the trailer, that I was traveling with them, that she knew and trusted Mike, the grass at Joyce’s farm, the attentive care she got from Joyce, and sporting Mike’s Susan B. Komen Cap….

Zoey sporting her Breast Cancer Awareness Cap with Joyce

Zoey sporting her Breast Cancer Awareness Cap with Joyce

…And then arriving back home for dinner– with Ibis to a farm she knew and loved.… ??

By the way, both horses were both total champs at loading and riding in the trailer. That was not the issue for Zoey, it was really all the emotional aspects of it all.

Though we’ve lived at our current farm for 11 years, Ibis and I have moved 14 times together over our last 29 years together. We are truly veteran travelers together!

This will be the first time Zoey will be moving with us and understandable that she has had more questions and uncertainties about the process.

Ibis is helping her to understand how a move flows with us. And, she got some needed help and support from Patty Summers,our long time friend and animal communicator colleague.

Now that we have the total agreement of all three of the horse’s holistic vets on Ibis’s strength and ability to travel cross country, and a plan for the next few months to more fully prepare them both for the trip and all the changes, I feel confident in moving forward to finding our new home in California.

Do_impossible_DisneyYou can see that this move is truly a team effort! (I’ve also been getting tons of support from many sources! This is a huge move!)

I will be going back out to the San Luis Obispo area soon to line up a place to live for us all.

My engines are revving.

California, get ready, here we come!

Oh, if you know of anyone in the Central Coast area who would be a great personal or business connection for us, please let me know – just email me with an introduction to us both.

And, keep a look out in your inbox for some new exciting stuff once you’ve signed up for updates via Animal Wisdoms at www.OneHeartHealingCenter.com to hear first about my exciting Transformational offerings coming up very soon – for you!

This is the Fortune Cookie message I got during my most recent trip to California where I was scouting out where to live!


“Take That Chance You’ve Been Considering”

Guidance comes in so many forms!

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About Sandy:

Sandy guides and trains animal lovers and animal care professionals to communicate with animals and learn holistic practices. As a highly attuned Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Transformational Healing Coach, Teacher, Author and speaker, she helps people access and develop their natural intuitive and psychic abilities, while awakening their life purpose with the animals they love.

Sandy trains Animal Care Professionals and Animal Lovers to move to the forefront of the Animal Communication and Holistic Healing Movement. Sandy has been providing consultations, workshops, coaching and training on healing with people and animals for 30 years. She has been an avid Young Living Essential Oils user with people and animals since 1997.

Sandy’s first children’s book, Nighty Night Liza-Loo and Haley-Boo, a ‘Fairy Tail’ about a little girl and her mom who uses “Magic Fairy TTouches” to help her and her pups fall peacefully asleep at night, will debut on Amazon – Summer of 2015.

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About Sandy:

726730-R1-78-7_3Sandy Rakowitz guides and trains animal lovers and animal care professionals to communicate with animals and learn holistic practices. she helps people access and develop their natural intuitive and psychic abilities, while awakening their life purpose, with the animals they love.  Sandy trains Animal Care Professionals and animal lovers to move to the forefront of the Animal Communication and Holistic Healing Movement.

Throughout the last 30 years, Sandy has synthesized Animal Communication, Brennan Energy Healing Science, Tellington TTouch, Essential Oil Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and holistic animal care into The Awaken System of Animal Communication and Healing.  Internationally recognized, she has recently published her step-by-step programs in Animal Communication, Animal Energy Healing & Animal Energy Anatomy, and Pet Hospice in a series of Home Study CD’s with workbooks.  www.OneHeartHealingCenter.com

How do you feel first thing in the morning?  Are you often reluctant to leave bed, and want to stay nestled as long as possible?

I know some of you enjoy lingering in the dream-world savoring your dreams, or remain in a half-awake state for as long as possible, snuggle with your animals…. …eking out every last moment before waking fully to the new day. Some just don’t like the mornings, dreading what might come, or might not feel hopeful.

Or, do you WANT to get out of bed…. …and start your day with zest?  

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About Sandy:

SR HaleySandy Rakowitz of One Heart Healing Center coaches women who love animals and are ready to take their work to the next level in their  personal life and in animal related professions while bringing out their life-soul purpose, with the animals they love.   She adeptly helps women access and finely tune their natural intuitive and psychic abilities to learn what their animal’s are saying and develop skills in holistic, transformational healing methods for ever-improving health, wellness and empowerment.

With over 30 years in private practice with animals and people, and as a graduate and former faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the 4 yr. professional training program and “Ivy League” of Energy Healing Institutions, Sandy has deep roots as a practitioner of Brennan Healing Science Energy Healing, Tellington TTouch for Horses, Companion Animals and People, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Centered Riding and professional horse trainer. Sandy has been a pioneer in translating and adapting Brennan Healing Science to be used with all species of animals.  She has synthesized her 30 years of multi-passionate work into the Awaken Animal Communication System so people can live their best life possible, with the animals they love. www.OneHeartHealingCenter.com